Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baltimore Ravens Nails - Week 12 - Purple Ombré

Kate's Nails 
This week the Ravens take on the Chargers.  I'm wishing I was is San Diego for the game today - I'm hating this chilly, windy, Maryland weather!  
For these nails, I painted Butter London's Teetotal on my thumb, and then did the laces in Sinful Color's Snow Me White.  On my index finger, I painted Spoiled's 2 Weeks Sober.  Then for all the other nails, I mixed 2 Weeks Sober with Snow Me White to get progressively lighter colors.  I made sure to not use any fast drying colors so that I could keep mixing as I painted and not have to worry about the colors getting goopy.  This is an easy way to do ombré nails without having to coordinate a bunch of different polishes. 
Go Ravens!!

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