Sunday, September 9, 2012

Glow in the Dark Polish

Kate's Nails
At a recent trip to Ulta, I got drawn in by the Halloween display from Wet N Wild (and who wouldn't?! How cute are these bottles??)  I saw that they had a glow in the dark polish, and I figured for $1.99 it was worth a try.
The bottle suggested applying three coats.  So I did that, and then turned off the lights.  And nothing happened.  But then I remembered that sometimes you have to hold glow in the dark things under a light for a bit to make them work.  So I tried that, and hot damn, my nails were glowing!

My camera had a hard time capturing it, so here's the best I could get!  About 10 minutes later I turned off the lights again, and they were barely glowing.  So unfortunately I don't think these would work for all night glowing nails.  But they're cool for a quick effect.

And, the polish barely has a color to it, so you could easily layer 3 coats over another color. 
All in all, this was not as cool as I hoped, but for $1.99 it's a neat effect!

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