Monday, September 10, 2012

LCN Urban Expression Swatches

Last week, we got the Fall 2012 Collection from LCN in the mail!  We were very excited to try these out, since the colors looked gorgeous in their press release.  We had never tried LCN polishes before, and didn't know what to expect.  Let us just say, we were not disappointed!  The formula on all of these polishes is AMAZING.  Every color applied with two thin coats (and we really could have gotten away with one coat).  The polish leveled out beautifully, and looked very smooth.  We really can't say enough good things about the formula.  It's one of the best on the market! You can find these products on their website for $7.50 each. Or you can pick up a trend box with all 4 colors for around $30.

The Fall 2012 collection is called "Urban Expression". It is described as "sleek and sophisticated" with "haute hues", and we completely agree with that description.  Kate swatched London Beat and Tokyo Expression, and Cara swatched Paris Chic and New York Glam.

London Beat
London Beat is described as "a delicate rose smoke".  I definitely see the smoke, but the rose didn't show up as much with my skin tone.  This is a great neutral polish.  I'll be wearing this one a lot this fall and winter.

In the shade

In full sunlight

Tokyo Expression
To me, this polish is the clear winner of the collection.  I have worn it on my fingers twice, and am currently rocking it on my toes.  LCN describes it as "a steely titanium gray".  It definitely has a hint of blue to it, as well as the gray.  The color is very rich.  I'm also impressed with the durability of this polish.  I have issues with chipping, especially with darker polishes.  Tokyo Expression lasted two days on my nails (without chipping - I just changed polishes), and has been on my toes for 5 days now without a single chip!.
Ok, I'll stop gushing about this polish now.  Here are some more pictures.

Paris Chic 

Paris Chic is an understated gray.In some lights it even has some green undertones. LCN describes it as "A timeless nougat beige". Although I was not wowed by the color, I would recommend it as a nice fall gray. It went on easily and barely needed a second coat. Something you do not normally find with a neutral like this. 

New York Beat

I am desperately in love with New York Beat!! I am aware that fall is just starting, but ever since the fall collections started rolling out I have been seeking the perfect autumnal green. I have tried out dark greens by Essie and OPI and the color always turns out too dark, almost black. I am so thrilled with this color! I would describe it as a creamy, subtle, olive green with grey tones. The LCN website calls it a "stormy green-grey" and I think that is a perfect description. I have been wearing this color for the past 3 days and still am in love. I must also give credit to the fact that after 3 days of wear, the polish is still holding up pretty well.  

So there you have it - the Urban Expression Collection from LCN.  Which one is your favorite??

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