Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nails Inc. Leather Effect

Cara's Nails

My life has been pretty hectic lately! Between vacations, moving, getting married, and school starting I have had very little time or energy to paint my nails. As a result I have relied heavily on textured polishes to keep my nails from being naked. I'm aware that I am a little behind on the times but I finally scored some of the Nails inc leather textured polishes. Previously Noho, the black polish, was only available in a package with Swarovski crystals and a price tag of $26. I'm a little too cheap for that! But now they are sold as individual polishes and in a variety of colors!

Today I'm showing off Dalston, a fun baby blue. The polish goes on glossy and gradual dries to give a leathery effect. I don't know how they do it but it looks just like leather! It was still a little blotchy after two coats so I went ahead and did three. The texture does seem to get lost a little with each coat. Overall I am pretty happy with this polish. What do you think? I'm looking forward to ricking the black tomorrow!

Natural Light

Indoor Light

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