Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cashmere Half Moons

Cara's Nails

I have been staring at five of those beautiful Zoya Cashmere polishes sitting on my shelf for a few weeks now. I finally had the opportunity to try two of them out and wow! Zoya does not disappoint! 

I went with a simple half moon design using Flynn as a bottom color and Sailor as the overcoat. These colors are just wonderful. Flynn went on easily in two coats. How amazing is this color? Such a rich caramel. And Sailor is just as nice. This navy blue went on also in two coats. This color is great because I have been trying to find a good navy blue for years now and they always go too far in either the blue or the black direction. This one is just right!

Half moons always seem like a good idea until I have them on. I decided to change up this look with a more modern, straight moon shape. I finished the whole mani off with a coat of Essie Good to Go. I just want to end by saying Good to Go, you are dead to me! I tried to give this fast dry top coat a try but the shrinkage is ridiculous! In this case there was so much shrinkage it made my tips look like they are funny shaped! I will be picking up my trusty Seche Vite on my next trip to store.

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