Sunday, May 12, 2013

Color Run Nails

Kate's Nails
As you saw in Cara's post earlier, we participated in the Color Run yesterday in Baltimore.  It was a messy, great time (as you would expect it would be, with 25,000 people covered head to toe in colorful powder).  If you get a chance to participate in a Color Run, do it!! It was such a fun experience.
I wanted to do some fun, color run-themed nails for the occasion.  I started off with a base of Milani's White on the Spot.  Then I used a coffee stirrer to splatter on Sinful Color's Dream On, Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow, and Zoya's Yummy. 
My nails, pre-race.

My nails, post-race.

Inside the color cloud at the finish line :)

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