Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spider Webs

Cara's nails

Halloween is right around the corner and I realized I have yet to do a true Halloween manicure! I have been seeing a lot of of spider web manicures and I thought I'd try one out. I created the spider webs using Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Eboni Hates Chris as a base coat.Using a white nail paint, I streaked white lines over a thick coat of the black. I used the drag marbling technique to create the spiderweb pattern. The accent nail is a nameless thick orange glitter. I found this glitter in a pack with other great glitters at Rite Aid for super cheap.These came out a little messier than I pictured in my head. But for a first try I think it isn't half bad. 

Keep checking back for more Halloween inspired nail art from me and Kate!!

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