Sunday, July 29, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics Swatches

In our nail polish shopping spree at Ulta yesterday, we ended up buying three colors from Essie's Mirror Metallics collection.  Cara got Blue Rhapsody and Nothing Else MetalsKate bought Good as Gold. Check out our swatches and reviews!

Blue Rhapsody is a beautiful slivery blue color. I had to give it a try since blue polishes are my favorite!

Nothing Else Metals is a chrome lilac color. I am not normally a fan of purpley colors but could not resist this one in the bottle!

Both polishes have a nice opaqueness which allowed me to only apply one coat. This is a good thing considering the difficulty it takes to apply a second coat. I wan not happy with all the little imperfections in my nails that showed through due to the chrome shine.  Despite those issues, I am in love with the colors and their metallic beauty. I'm looking forward to trying these out with future stamping designs. 

Good as Gold is amazing.  I used another gold polish I had for a manicure recently, and it took (no lie) 8 coats to fully cover. Good as Gold covers completely in just two coats! I've been eyeing up THESE nail strips from Minx, but can't justify the price.  I think that Good as Gold is the closest you can get in polish form!

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