Monday, March 25, 2013

Avant Garden - Fade into Hue

Kate's Nails 
I have been anxiously awaiting the Avant Garden collection from China Glaze ever since I saw the press release months ago.  This collection has some really fantastic colors in it.  I was already in the middle of a polish splurge when I came across the collection in Ulta, so I somehow limited myself to only one polish.  I opted for Fade Into Hue, which is a soft periwinkle.  I absolutely loved the color in all the swatches I had seen, and I love it on my nails too.  I paired it here with some flowers using Julep's Teri, and the leaves and dots were done in Sally Hansen's Jungle Gem (a fabulous color that Cara just rocked HERE).  This was a very simple design to do, but I'm really loving the result!  These spring polish lines are going to cause me to go broke...


  1. This is super pretty! Do you have a post that describes how to do the polka dots? I tried with a toothpick, it was a hot mess. Thanks!

  2. Thanks :) I used a dotting tool for my nails (from this kit:, but I've heard that a bobby pin works really well too!

  3. Thank you!