Monday, August 6, 2012

Help us out, please!!

So I'm sitting here staring at all my nail supplies, and I have NO IDEA what design I should do! So many polishes, so many supplies, and I've got nothing.  So, I thought I would ask you all for some ideas.  What nail art would you like to see? Certain colors? Patterns?  Any designs that you'd like a tutorial for? Some crazy design idea that you want to see us try and pull off? Leave a comment with an idea, and when I have nail block, I'll take one of your suggestions :)

1 comment:

  1. Ok, as teachers, the end of summer bums us out. I don't want to let go, so how about some summer designs:
    1. The beach
    2. Summer Camp
    3. Drinks at sunset
    4. Vacation
    5. Camping
    6. Gardens
    7. Sailing/boating
    8. Waterslides
    9. Bathing suits
    10 Sunflowers
    11. Pools
    12. Summer concerts

    Your biggest fan.